my loves


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind:  busy weekends, looking for a neighborhood we’d like to live in and visiting open houses.  Eric has some big stuff coming up at work, we’re trying to get our house on the market very soon, choosing paint colors for said house (a little touching up before we show it to all and sundry alike), and a daughter who keeps changing and growing so fast that we can barely keep up.  Hmmmm, that feels like a lot.

With all that said, I give you my loves.  It’s good to remember that they are the ones who keep me going, that I do this for, and that I’m grateful for.  They’re such a fun combo, but learning to live together, all three of us, with our varying styles, temperaments and interests can be challenging sometimes, especially when life is very, very full!  Everyone says moving is one of the most stressful events in someone’s life, I agree.  It takes so long to feel fully comfortable in one’s new surroundings, feel at home in your new digs, and to start to create some kind of community for yourselves.  Thank goodness for the warmth and sun of summer, it’s helping to bring everyone outside and every time we go to a park we meet someone new.  This has been very nice.  I appreciate all these folks, the assurance that they bring in just being parents like us:  trying to find our way, trying to grow, and trying to love.  It makes my heart hurt a little, this trying to love.  I feel the warmth of tears, a welcome relief.



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