photo – Iliana Brown

I didn’t realize what this photo was until Eric pointed it out to me.  Mostly because I was too focused on the fact that Iliana took it, hit the black and white key in instagram, chose full contrast, and voila, had herself a very good photo.  She’s taken photos before but none have turned out quite like this.

The reason I post this is not to brag about my daughter, though it does say something that a two 1/2 year old has learned how to push the right buttons, hold the camera relatively steady, and then make a choice about the photo, “hmmm, black and white?”.  I think it says we live in an age of technology.

So, to the point of my post, what an interesting comment to be making and a very good one for Iliana to have photographed:  the written word that you can hold in your hands OR the computer?  Such a ripe question for someone of her generation, if she were actually asking the question, which maybe she is, (though I won’t make any pronouncements about that).  Or is the photo just a comment on the relationship between the two, a balance that we need to find?  I have to say, for a number of years, I made it a choice.  It was an either/or situation for me.  Given my temperament, that’s no surprise.  I’m kind of an all or nothing sort of gal.  I go “whole hog” or not at all.  This has been tempered in me over the years through a lot of meditation and an idea of achieving some sort of balance in my life.

So, I like this photo.  It’s made me think.  Think about how I can achieve balance between my existence on line and reading something in my hands every now and then.  After yesterday’s post about the new book I just started, I found myself sinking into it’s story and I read until late in the night instead of being inspired by various posts, images, and the like, on line.  It was nice “to voyage” as a friend calls it when you get totally immersed in a good book.  It gave me just the relief I was looking for, a time out so to speak, but with all the good intentions, and I find myself today slightly more rested, imagining what life was like for someone else (the main character falls in love with a Masai man and moves from Switzerland to Kenya!), and viewing my  life with a bit more perspective.  “It was a good day”, as a children’s book we’ve read says in the end.


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