Is it US?


Is this us?  Might we end up living in a little camper in the woods, albeit with chalkboard painted on it’s exterior walls?  Or a very elegant home with a stark but oh so beautiful entryway?  I think black and white is starting to grab hold of me here in Chicago.  They are the colors of choice here.  You’d think with the gray skies for much of the cold season that people would get more into color, but that’s not the case.  Why is it that in cultures that are hot and bright, people wear and decorate with hot and bright colors?  Whereas when it’s gray and cloudy people decorate more subdued?  It’s a conundrum.  Whatever the reason, I’m starting to like the contrasty black and white together.  Not that I didn’t like it before, I just didn’t find myself so drawn to it.

Each weekend we’ve spent a portion of our Sunday afternoon going to a few open houses around where we live.  It has given us the opportunity to see different homes, figure out what we really want, and get the feel for that particular town and neighborhood.  We haven’t quite seen what we’re looking for, which is to say, nothing has hit us like “this is it”.  A little frustrating for me.  Eric says I always say, “let’s get it” because I’m so desperate for a house.  Maybe that’s true.  Yet, he’s always the balancing voice and has a very good intuitive hit about things and as a result reminds me, no, this isn’t quite it, wait, be patient.

Here’s to a weekend with the balancing voice by my side, a few open houses thrown in, maybe a few garage sales (our whole apartment/condo complex has their annual garage sale tomorrow!  Yikes!), and recognition on Sunday of the fathers in our lives including the Papa of this house.  Happiness to you and yours.


(photo sources – top left photo:  The Black Workshop, middle US photo:  me on my instagram feed, entryway photo:  A Note on Design via Tiny White Daisies)


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