Anyone done much sailing out there?  It’s all new to us.  We come from dry Colorado, so to have so much water around is kind of remarkable.  I like it!

We went to Lake Arlington on Father’s Day which is literally 5 minutes from our current residence.  We hung out in the shade right near the water while Iliana played in the sand.  We watched people coming and going in little boats, all different kinds of boats, but since I’m new to all this terminology I won’t try to name them all here.  The lake is small, so most of the boats were pretty small as well.

Our gift to Papa on Father’s Day was the promise of a sailing lesson on this lake.  A new activity for him and one in which he’ll have to learn some new things.  It will also give him the opportunity to take advantage of this natural resource that we are surrounded by.  When in Colorado, go to the mountains, when in Illinois, go to the lake.

Lake Arlington

Happy Sailing!


(image source:  Parts of a Small Sailboat – Helium)


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