I watched this video and it brought tears to my eyes.  Iliana stood next to me with her arm around my shoulders.  I am so inspired by these people and how they are performing seva or “selfless service”.  I especially liked seeing the man in India and how he is feeding people living on the street.  Having been to India, I’ve seen how many people there are who are hungry.  You can read and see more from the director of this video, Jesse Roesler.

Below I’ve shared a few photos of outdoor/street life from my time in India, a trip I took way back in 2003.  I’ve been to India since, but that trip was very impressionable as I traveled all over the north part, going by train and car and then finally heading south and ending up in Chennai.

Rooftop view

Street seller’s cart

Hungry cows

The above video has me wondering, how can I contribute to those around me if even in the smallest ways?



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