We started watching this again last night.  Eric and I had watched it closer to the time when it came out but Iliana had yet to see it. She was delighted to see all those babies learning so much, growing, and nursing.  It’s such a fun film for a little one, especially one who adores any baby we see.

Babies is a documentary about four babies from around the world:  Ponijao from Namibia, Bayar(jargal) from Mongolia, Mari from Japan and Hattie from the US.  The movie follows the first year of these babies lives.  It’s so amazing to see the differences in cultures, how we all do things in our own way and yet all these babies fundamentally do the same things in their first year.  It’s very touching.

Just thought I’d post about it in case any of you missed it.  It’s a great film.



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