Black Raspberries


We bought some black raspberries at the nearby farmer’s market in Buffalo Grove yesterday.  The young man selling them said, try one, and after my first bite I was taken back to my childhood growing up in Frederick, Maryland.  We had raspberry bushes growing along our mile and a half driveway in the woods.  I remember snacking on them as we went for walks.

I did a little research and found out that black raspberries can only be harvested for about 3 weeks of the year beginning in July.  I also learned that they contain less sugar than most other berries.  I think because they have such a short harvest time you rarely find them fresh.

What a treat!  This is why I love local farmer’s markets.  You can find things you otherwise would never see at your nearby grocery store.  Needless to say we bought a little container of them and we have been savoring their sweetness.

Anyone out there remember berries or berry picking from your childhood?


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  1. remember? how could I forget? Living in Michigan, surrounded by the quick draining sandy soil, eating so many berries I got sick at the farm! Ha! I am a bit more self controled now…a bit. 🙂

    • I had no idea how many memories you have tied to this area. It’s nice to be able to share our explorations with you as you totally get it!

  2. An admission… that was an image swiped from the internet! We have many photos we’ve taken, but cannot claim credit to that particular image. Thanks, though, thrilled you’re reading. Lovely job yourself!

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