This book, A Year of Pies, recently came out and it looks so good that I headed straight to my library to request that they order it.  I like this author Ashley English as she has a very contemporary style of writing.  She has quite a few other books out on subjects that can sometimes be tedious but at least in her book, Keeping Chickens, she makes it fun to read about.  She’s also written Keeping Bees, Home Dairy, and Canning and Preserving, all of which I’d like to read at some point.  You can find out more about her on her blog Small Measure.

As I was requesting the above said book, the librarian who was helping me, a kind of hip guy with a western style shirt on (an unusual style shirt for someone in the suburbs, at least here), asked me if I go into the city much.  I said no, I’m new to the area and don’t really know where to go.  He said there’s a great place called Bang Bang! Pie Shop in Logan Square.  They make only 3 kinds of pies a week.  So, I headed on over to their website and wow, what a cool place.  If you have a chance read about how they got started, a little over a year ago they were selling pies from a red truck that they drove around the city.  Now, with their very own shop they have become quite popular and are having a hard time keeping up with the demand!  I love stories like that.

Happy pie making, as it is the season don’t you think?  All that fruit coming into harvest!


(Sorry for the long absence, more about that later…)


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