Sami’s Bakery


I wasn’t going to post today as I was thinking I really didn’t have anything to post about.  But then…as I was reading another blog and looking at the picture of a woman’s bowl of gazpacho with two slices of bread next to it, bread that I recognized, I thought I needed to share where that particular bread comes from (two slices of gluten free millet and flax bread).

Sami’s Bakery is located in Tampa, Florida.  I’ve never been to the bakery, all my tasting of their products has come through the mail, or the occasional random, small, health food store, or someone who happens to have a stash of their stuff from somewhere.  I found out about them many years ago now from my alternative health care practitioner when I was struggling with finding a good gluten free bread to eat (so many of them just don’t cut it).  We started ordering from Sami’s, first a few millet and flax loaves of bread, and later worked our way up to pizza crusts, spinach pies, lavash, and pita chips.  All of them gluten free, all of them healthy, and all of them quite tasty.  The only draw back is that if you’re celiac, these breads are not made in a dedicated facility, so there is some, small as it is, cross contamination.  I can attest to this, as once I shared a package of lavash with a celiac neighbor, not quite realizing that the lavash had not been made in a completely wheat free environment, and sadly my friend was sick after only a few bites.

We took a break from ordering for quite sometime, as we found other products closer by and all in all just decided to switch things up a bit.  In the last week though, I placed a new order and I’m looking forward to receiving our goods in the mail.  We ordered some spinach pies (I used to eat these, especially after giving birth to Iliana, with a glob of ghee on the side and some chunky sea salt to dip in, yum), pita chips, and a new product, gluten free chocolate biscotti.  If you plan on ordering and start looking on their website, you might find that it’s kind of hard to navigate if you’re looking specifically for gluten free.  Only because I’ve ordered before, I knew exactly what things were called and I could do a specific search.  When I tried to bring up all gluten free items, it didn’t seem to do it.  So, just peek around, explore and you’ll find it.  It’s worth trying, as if you’re gluten free, it’s fun to have some ready made options in the freezer.  *A note on that, we always stick all of our products in the freezer, double bagged in freezer bags to maintain freshness.  Gluten free products tend to have a short shelf life, so this is always good.  Also, I think it’s a $25 minimum order to ship, so we always order at least that much and just freeze it!



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  1. We liked it. Some of the gluten free kinds are kind of flat or chewy, Sami’s is neither. It has some nice lift and crisps up well. It can also hold toppings without getting soggy.

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