Squash photo from Mahara

Cucurbitaceae – The plant family Cucurbitaceae consists of various squashes, melons, and gourds, including crops such as cucumber, pumpkins, luffas, and watermelons.

We here are loving this season.  Fall is both my husband’s and my favorite time of the year.  I have made this squash pie a couple of times now (it’s more like a souffle and so easy)!  We’ve also spent more time outside now that it’s cooled off.  It really is just so magical, the way the light comes through the trees and shines in the windows.  I feel so much hope.

It’s been busy this last month and months I’d have to say.  It feels like things are finally calming down just a bit.

I love that word Cucurbit!  Years ago, maybe 5 now, maybe longer, Eric and I had a little party in our backyard to celebrate the completion of a woodworking shop we built.  Part of what people were asked to bring was an unusual cucurbit that was then entered into a “funkiest or funniest or most unusual” cucurbit contest.  It was really fun to see what people came up with and I will admit I was surprised that the range of cucurbits was pretty small.  I realized that most people went to the local grocery store and picked out the funkiest they had, which makes sense.  But if you’ve ever been to a farmer’s market and seen the amazing array of different kinds of squash you would be astonished.  It really blows my mind every time and I find all of them so beautiful and interesting.  Especially since I love all those fall colors, orange being a favorite.  I feel I could spend hours learning all about the names and qualities of different cucurbits, maybe when Iliana is older we’ll do just that.  Maybe we’ll cook each one up too or carve some of them!

Happy Cucurbit Season to you!



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