Applesauce Season


We’ve been truly enjoying this book Applesauce Season around here.  It’s currently one of Iliana’s favorites.  I like it because it’s seasonal and because Iliana gets to learn the steps in applesauce making (it even includes a recipe on one of the back pages).  I found it at the library in a section I didn’t know existed until recently.  Our library has a section of children’s books separated into different seasons/holidays/special times, so there’s Fall/Autumn, Winter, Halloween, Earth (books on gardening, composting and such) and various other categories.  I really like that all these books have been pulled together, it makes it so easy to go and pick one out that applies to the current season.

Applesauce Season follows a family in the steps of applesauce making from buying the apples at the farmer’s market in a big city, making the sauce, serving it with latkes (a great video, unrelated to the book, on making latkes and applesauce!) and other foods, celebrating the first applesauce of the season with friends, and even making an apple pie to honor a grandfather that has passed.  I like the illustrations as well as the writing (I have to like both in order to want to check it out from the library).  It’s the current go to when we’re reading before nap or bedtime.

We have yet to find our place in the picking of apples around here.  In Longmont, our neighborhood was filled with apple trees that would be hanging over the sidewalks groaning with unpicked apples.  In passed years we’ve collected and eaten tons of apples and made applesauce.  Hopefully, when we finally get a house here we’ll be able to locate the apple trees for next year’s season.



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