Carrots: orange, cake and book


image from Cute Short Stories blog

Orange is on the brain I guess.  We made delicious, healthy carrot cake muffins a couple days ago from The Spunky Coconut.  The only adaptation I made was to make the cake into muffins as I wanted them to cook more quickly.  Everything else I followed to a ‘T’ and they turned out beautifully (except that I didn’t frost them).  The Spunky Coconut is a great blog where you can find very healthy recipes that are gluten free, casein free, and sugar free (and oftentimes grain free for those of you on a paleo diet!)  We ate all of them in a day (the recipe made 12, so we didn’t completely overdo it and we shared them with my father-in-law).  I’d like to make some more today, but we’ll see.

We’ve also been reading Carrots by Inez Snyder, a book all about how carrots grow.  It was fun to have Iliana grating the carrots and to have been reading about where they come from with her.  I’m such a thematically oriented person!

I highly recommend the muffins, so tasty and seasonal.


Edit:  Okay, so after posting this I realized, I did not follow that recipe to a ‘T’ (for me I did, pretty much, as I usually change a lot more).  I thought I’d share the changes I made:  used grape seed oil instead of coconut, freshly grated nutmeg instead of allspice but in the same amout, no stevia and no walnuts.  I also did not use an electric mixer to combine everything as we hand grated the carrots and they just seemed too big for that.  That’s actually a few changes.  There you go!



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