Chicago Marathon


photo by Chaz Mo

We’ll be checking out the Chicago Marathon this weekend for the first time in person (at least me, Eric watched it last year as he’d already moved to Chicago by then)!  I’m really looking forward to it as it was always a highlight for me to watch the elite runners in the Boulder Bolder every May (and this year, alas, I did not get to see them) in Colorado.  It often brings tears to my eyes as the effort, determination, focus, and skill is so amazing.  It’s truly beautiful to watch a really great athlete at work, it’s art transformed into the body.  We have some family coming into town for the event who we’ll meet up with in the city at some point this weekend.  I’m also just curious to be in the city and see more of it.

I’m hoping to make these oatmeal muffins (albeit gluten free), maybe tomorrow morning, to eat and share with those we see this weekend.  I’ve learned something new about grains, nuts and seeds recently regarding the importance of soaking them first before cooking or eating them.  It’s information I’d heard and read way back when I was into macrobiotics but had since forgotten or mostly stopped doing.  I’ll be soaking my oats overnight before cooking with them, suffice it to say.

I hope you have a nice and enjoyable weekend.


(a note:  here’s the recipe I’m going off of for gluten free oat muffins…I have yet to use teff, so I’m not sure if I’ll substitute that or not.)


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