There’s going to be a baby


We have a bit of an announcement around here…as the title suggests, there’s going to be a baby.  I’m about 20 weeks, or 5 months pregnant, and we’ll be seeing the little one sometime in late February, 2013.  I’ve felt absolutely awful but it’s gotten better over the last month or so, hence the start up in a few blog posts here and there again.  You might also notice that many of my posts involve some sort of food we’re making or that I’ve read about.  It’s a constant, this trying to figure out what my body wants and what I can tolerate.  This time I’m really loving coconut milk.  I’ve got to have it.  I also have to have protein at every meal or else…trouble!

We recently checked out the above book from the library.  I was already a fan of Helen Oxenbury’s I Can (Baby Beginner Board books).  I find the writing and illustrations so simple and lovely.  I was delighted to find There’s Going to be a Baby at the library and since reading it I so love the beautiful drawings in it.  The mother is so elegant.  It’s got me wanting to add a little something to my own wardrobe to spruce it up (or a lot of things)!

Iliana wanted to take some photos of me today, and she got a good one of the belly.  So, there you have it!


photo by Iliana


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  1. Congratulatons Kristin! Such wonderful news! liana is going to be such a sweet bigsister 🙂 I also felt awful at the beginning of my pregnancy and was so thankful when it ended. Every food tasted divine and I was stong and quite fit the rest of the time. I hope the same for you! Annesofie (from Denmark:)

  2. Hey kristin, congratulations on the news…. How is ur healtn now? Even I am 32 weeks pregnant and again my due date is in dec. Take care of ur health….

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