Mexican sweets


You’ve got to check out these donuts, how they’re made with such love by Mexican pastry chef Fany Gerson.  I’m currently browsing through her book My Sweet Mexico, for the second time, the first time I read it more cover to cover, but it’s detailed so this time I’m just jumping around.  She traveled through Mexico for a year cataloging the sweets of her youth and writing them down for all of us to experience at home.  We stumbled upon the above video for her donut shop in Brooklyn, Dough Donuts, a few days ago.  Iliana’s favorite looking one is of course the dark pink, the “Hibiscus”, which is just so amazing, the color being so rich with no additives, all natural ingredients.  I like the look of the simple white, with poppy seeds, myself.

The book is filled with traditional Mexican sweets from all over Mexico.  I have marked to try the “Sweet Potato Candies” and the “Pumpkin Seed Candy”, but by no means is it all candy.  There’s a whole chapter on beverages including “Chocolate Caliente” and a variety of grain beverages using corn and even an amaranth porridge type drink.  The chapter I find particularly interesting is Sweets from Convents which includes the two candy recipes I want to make.

With Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos coming up, the Mexican celebration of loved ones who have passed away (October 31-November 2), I think it’s a nice time to learn more about the foods and practices of Mexican culture.




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