Baby’s red boots – size 5

I don’t know what gets into me, but every once in awhile I say to myself, I’ve GOT to write a blog post.  Even if I’m way tired, need to go to bed and I’m pretty much worn out from the day (because truthfully, everyday lately feels like that).  The whole feeling good while pregnant seems to have completely eluded me, though others are sure to tell me, “I felt great while pregnant, only sick once” or “I would have had more, it was so easy being pregnant”, which is, honestly, not quite what I want to hear.  Yes, it’s gotten better, but it comes and goes and when I read the title of a book the other day, that was something like, how to survive the 9 months of being pregnant, I thought, oh yes, that’s more like it.  How do you survive?  That’s pretty much what I’ve been trying to do.

So, with that said, I do ask your forgiveness for my absence from this blog, for my lack of response to some of your comments, to not calling people back, and for overall being somewhat of a cave person, because that’s pretty much what I am these days.  I’m just staying in my little cave (or little bubble because there aren’t any caves here in Illinois, unfortunately, if there was one you can be sure I’d be in it).  I’m just surviving.  I wish I could say that in a more evolved, enlightened way, but oh well.

As for the rest of us here, well, they’re trying to survive me, I think.  It’s easier now that everyone can feel the little, active baby in my belly kicking up a storm, see the protrusion from my tummy getting bigger everyday, and talking about what a little baby in the house will be like.  I’ve been trying, furiously, to stock up on everything I think we might need, for all of us, for those first few months and really first year, because to be honest, that first year is a whopper and they’ll be two children, not just one.

The above photo is of some pretty awesome red boots I found at Goodwill.  I was actually looking for snow boots for Iliana, but as luck would have it, I found these!  I remember it being hard to find size 5 boots when Iliana reached walking stage and needed them.  I grabbed these up as soon as I saw them, aren’t they charming?  Eric’s comment, what european country are those from, though they say made in the USA on the bottom, I’ve never seen anything like them here.  So, one thing crossed off the list…size 5 slickers, yeah!



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