Who says plastic is bad?


Plastic bag recycling turned into a game. A very fun game as you can see.

Busy week. I had every intention of hopping on here sooner.

A few things…

I found this and this cool sewing blogs. They both have nice patterns, some free, for children and adults.

Iliana and I tried, for the second time to make Beet Kvass. This time with red beets. I tasted it yesterday and it was good.

I guess there’s a raw milk ban up for consideration here in Illinois. We just bought raw milk here for the first time about a month ago. Wow, what a difference. We aren’t milk drinkers, as digesting it is challenging, but raw milk, well, that’s a different story. We made ice cream, clabbered milk, curds and whey…all of which were quite yummy.

We’ve entered rainy season here. So, the hunt was on a for a rain coat that fits the girl. Today we were successful.

I guess the weekend is suppose to be warm. I hope so.

(I liked hearing from those of you who reached out last week. Colorado folks, you are always in my heart, so good to know you’re still there.)


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