BoulderWe took a short trip to Boulder this last week, just me and the little guy.  This was him playing in the gravel on Boulder’s walking mall, Pearl Street.  This was kind of a last minute trip, everything came together really at the end.  Hence, I saw only a few friends and family.

I so enjoyed the temperate climate (as compared to the cold temperatures we’ve had here in Illinois!).  It was nice too, to have a few days with just Emerson.  What fun he is!  Iliana was back home with Granny and they too had some special time.

We’ve arrived back and I find myself trying to recover from the trip and get my bearings.  It’s starting to warm up here…daffodil leaves have pushed through, as have bluebells, and grape hyacinth.  I raked some so their yellowing beginnings could start to get more sun.  Both Iiana and Emerson spent much of the day outside with two more sets of siblings, ages ranging from Emerson’s 1 year to the oldest girl being 12 years.  How sweetly they all played together, everyone interacting with Emerson in gentle ways and then, following the 12 year old around as she set the tone for an easier play day.

Tomorrow we’ll have the group meditation here early in the morning and then jobs and errands will need to be accomplished.

Here’s hoping all of you have a peaceful Sunday.


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