The Country Bunny


The Country Bunny

We went to the library this week, first because I really wanted to find a novel for myself, and then as we were browsing the children’s section, we came upon this book.  Oh my, when I saw it, all these feelings of childhood came back, of having been read this book many times.  I hadn’t remembered until I saw it again.

It is a lovely book.  It has such beautiful illustrations and the story itself, as I read it to Iliana, brought tears to my eyes.  As a child I remember being entranced by the picture of all the eggs in the palace, and as an adult, I was touched by the mother, and how she had dreams before becoming a mother and then was able to follow those dreams while being a mother.  It is a very empowering and beautiful tale.

We’ve spent much of this week outside…running, playing in sand, swinging on the swing, jumping on the neighbors trampoline, going to the park.  It has been a very full week.  These neighborhood children are having fun, learning from one another, and starting to work together.  It’s neat to see.


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