Babuji’s Birthday



GaneshaWe celebrated Babuji’s birthday this last week in Dayton, Ohio.  Me and the children and a friend, drove the six hours or so there and back, though in all actuality it took A LOT LONGER.  My friend said not to tell anyone, so I won’t, but we’ll just say it was A LOT OF TIME in the car.  We made it there and back anyway.  It was such a rejuvenating experience, so uplifting, and fortifying.  I have come back feeling renewed, more clear in my heart, and more clear about the work I need to do inside myself.

The gathering was held next to a Hindu temple, hence the giant statue of Ganesha above.  My meditation practice has no affiliation with Hinduism, but due to constraints of space we’ve outgrown the current ashram.  Therefore we rented a space to have the celebration.  Ganesha looks quite lovely, no?  He’s holding a laddu in his hand, an Indian sweet, his favorite (and mine too).  When I was with the children in India this last August, I’d have iddly, with chutney and sambar for breakfast, and then a laddu for dessert, somewhat decadent but delicious.

It’s Sunday, the start of a new week, and the end of the last.  We had meditation here this morning and now Iliana is on a walk with the neighbors, Emerson is napping, and Eric is in the garage.  A few minutes of quiet for me here in the house, a rare but welcome opportunity.

Have a good rest day and beginning of the new week.





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  1. So good to hear about the effect of Babuji’s birthday on you… sounds like a blossoming in the heart! Love from Ottawa, Janet

  2. Hello comrade! I’ve been enjoying your latest blog posts! Happy to hear that the bhandara was a good one for you.

    • You are such a generous one! Thanks for leaving a comment dear Madhavi. I’m learning a lot from you. Talk soon.

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