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We went to the Chicago Botanic Garden this week, as a little family, field trip (me and the children).  It was windy, but still a bit warm, and so it was nice.  The rows and rows of pink tulips were quite a hit with Mr. Emerson.  Kind of amazing to have them all at his height and to see only flowers from his viewpoint.  Any water feature was an instant draw for both children, even drinking fountains.

As the weather warms up, I feel myself starting to let go of the cold and frigidness of the winter.  I am so relieved to be able to go outside without layer upon layer of clothing (and especially being able to allow the children to go outside with only socks!).  I can feel all of us experiencing some jubilation as we can go in and out of doors more easily.

Iliana’s school is having it’s May Faire this Saturday.  There will be pony rides, face painting, crafts and a May Pole dance including her class, Apple Blossom Garden.  Iliana’s last day of school is May 30, and then we enter into summer and all that it’s magic may bring.  I’m hoping for some gardening, hiking, and lots and lots of water play.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere.

May we be strengthened by the will of Him who loves all.




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  1. What a lovely excursion to the Botanic Gardens. I’d love to go there.
    Aah, May Faire! One of the things I miss the most when not having my kids in waldorf school.

  2. May Faire, yes, sweet. Emerson rode his first pony. Our May Faire was open to the public…is there a Waldorf school in your town? I hadn’t even thought to ask you.

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