Moving back to Colorado



So we’re moving back.  Thought it time to make the announcement, officially.  I made a short trip out there in April, a kind of scouting trip, and since then, we’ve been moving ahead with plans to head back west.  We’ve missed it.

It looks like we might have a rental home on the horizon, as long as we’re approved, we’ll be able to move in the middle of August (a house in east Boulder).  I had hoped to head out the second week of June with the children, so waiting until August feels hard to do (especially when I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back).  I’m also just ready to settle somewhere and we’ve never felt settled here.  Stuff is still in boxes.

I had a lot of reasons to head back in the early part of the summer…wanting to get settled in before fall (for one, choosing schooling for Iliana), needing some TLC from various alternative healing practitioners, a mosquito and humidity free summer, and namely, a community I am anxious to reconnect with and feel supported by.

If you know of any housesitting positions for the summer or:  sublets, rooms for rent, or any sort of temporary housing for a mama and her two chillins’ please let me know!

Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon.



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  1. Aww…good for you! So lucky…i love Colorado and I still miss it! It is great reading your posts, I should do something similar too! 🙂

    • Oh Nandita! How nice to know that you are reading my blog. It’s been so long since I’ve seen or heard from you. I hope you are well. Yes, Colorado is lovely. I understand missing it, hence us moving back!

    • Hi Angi! We’ll look forward to seeing you and your clan. Curious to see how the house has come along and everything else. Please do let me know if you come across anything that could work for us.

  2. Great news! We don’t have any plans to visit Denver soon but I’m sure there will be something in the future. It’s more expensive now with the baby paying for a ticket, ha!

    • Hey there Emily! It’s been a long time. How is that little baby now? Not so little anymore. Yes, I can understand it’s a bit more expensive now, but you get the added benefit of 3x’s the love. These little ones open my heart everyday. I do hope we’ll see you in Denver. It would be great to catch up.

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