Beach, repellent, summer


First day at the beach

We live near a lake, hence the name Tower Lakes, Illinois.  This little beach site is walking distance from our home.  We had our first day there this last Wednesday, with our neighbors.  We had the beach to ourselves.  Iliana had asked me again and again, can we go to the beach?  She loved it.  Emerson loved it.  Our neighbors loved it.  Hours and hours of fun and enjoyment.  It’s truly amazing how water and sand can provide so much.

Other news…the mosquitos have arrived, the mosquitos have arrived, as seen by the many bites on pour Iliana’s feet.  I found a few mosquito repellent recipes, not that I don’t have the usual stuff, but I’ve never liked the smell, oiliness or some of the ingredients of most store bought stuff.  So today, while at the grocery store I picked up some witch hazel, essential oils, and tomorrow we’ll put together something that I hope works.  In the meantime, I’ve been dabbing lavender essential oil on the children and myself, which has been working to a degree.

Iliana’s last day of school was Friday.  The summer has almost fully begun.  Once the neighbor children are out of school too, the amount of play going on around these parts will be nothing short of all day.  Bedtime has already started to be much later than usual.

How about all of you?  Has summer begun in your neck of the woods?

Best wishes for a happy weekend!





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