Finding our rhythm





We are finding our summer rhythm around here.  What a transition it is, going from driving to and from school three days a week, to days filled with open ended blocks of time.  We’ve done laundry, gone to the library, traveled to the city, eaten Indian food on Devon street (or “little India”), and attended the school’s year end picnic.  Phew!  It was quite a week and I’m tired already.  Now that our neighbors are out of school too, they’ll be even more play and more opportunities for shifting into the lazy days of summer (not that we’ve had any lazy days yet!)

I’ve been making it a point to be gentle with myself as we move into this new phase.  I’ve had very little time alone, and yet, we all start to figure out how to move around and be with each other in a way that works.  It takes time and understanding and forgiveness for not having it right just yet.  I picked up a copy of Home Education Magazine, a resource that I’m enjoying as it shares different families journeys with unschooling.  Summer is definitely a time for a different kind of education and what I’m reading is giving me inspiration for other ways of approaching our time together.

I’ve been enjoying Call the Midwife every so often when I get a chance to watch an episode.  It’s bringing me back to my roots of doula work and studies of midwife assistance.  I so appreciate these women and the care and nurturing they brought to many, many women during that time.  It’s inspiring to watch a birth happen and see how they handle different situations, even the nitty gritty of a breech birth!  That one gave me chills (I’m just beginning, so way back in season 1).

With graduations happening near and far, parties in the neighborhood, I sense a celebratory mood.  Congratulations to all of you who’ve finished your schooling, or whatever chapter of schooling you’ve completed.  Best wishes in your coming endeavors!

Welcome Summer!


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  1. Nice email. We hope your summer goes well. I’m sure the children are enjoying you and the freedom of summer.



  2. Call the Midwives… love it! I am not much passed you. I didn’t know you did doula study Kristin! No doubt this has to be the subject of our next conversation! xx

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