A word to Michael





This is our neighbor next door practicing his Michael Jackson moves.  We’ve seen him develop this personality over the last few months.  First, the songs on an iphone.  He’d be walking around with it in his hand, mostly playing “Smooth Criminal” and practicing moves.  Iliana wasn’t sure what to make of it, and neither was I.  We hadn’t yet crossed over the bridge of Michael Jackson songs and watching or even listening to his music.  Frankly, it wasn’t something I had even thought about since my own youth.  Soon it became apparent that Michael Jackson was here to stay, as our Michael fan continued to share with all of us his developing abilities.

First, it was the moves and a leather coat, with jeans, in summer.  Then, it was the addition of a black, sparkly hat, and the add on of a move with his hand on his hat.  Later, we saw him come out with a wig, a black, curly wig.  Lastly, he got a glove.  A silver, sparkly glove, which he pointed out to me, the other day, while taking some dried peas as a snack from me, that he wasn’t wearing it on the correct hand, the proper hand for the glove being the left.  This little guy is 5.

I was in the car Saturday, driving home from the grocery store, and as I turned on the radio I heard Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.  I was so moved.  That particular song’s lyrics talk about making the change in oneself.  Michael’s inspired singing touched my heart.  I thought about our neighbor, and how he’s so many generations after me, and yet, he too is moved by Michael’s music.

I often hear them all singing, “Billy Jean’s not my lover, she’s just a girl, thinks that I am the one”, repeated again and again.  One of them a 4 year old across the street, who’s speech isn’t fully developed and who doesn’t understand the meaning of what he’s singing.   He just sings his heart out.  All thanks to our “little Michael” next door.

So, I just have to say “word” to Michael.  He was one brilliant dude.


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    • Thriller. I remember when it came out. The dancing and how he changes into a creature of the night! Crazy.

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