Over the past few weeks I’ve become fully engaged in the idea of tiny. Tiny house, simple life, fewer things, letting go of stuff. This feeling has been many years in the process, but in the last few it has quickened. Moving helps to put things into perspective: what’s necessary and what’s not. Considering that in the last 3 years we’ve moved across the country, lived in an apartment for a year with the bare necessities, then moved into house, and now we’re moving back to the west into a rental in Boulder; I’ve pretty much decided that nothing is really that sentimental to me and it’s fun to kind of recreate my life over and over again. Meaning I find it fun to not have to stick with the same stuff over and over again. I get to just let stuff go, if it’s not working donate it, or sell it, or give it away. If it’s too cumbersome to move than leave it and get something new (or used) in the new place. It’s a good thing I really like thrift stores, as then it’s easy to replace things without having decisions be too weighty because I’m worried about the amount of money I’d be spending. I also love the hunt and the finding of interesting, unusual, and great stuff at easy prices. I also like that my choices are limited then and I don’t have to be overwhelmed as I am sometimes in a store that carries 5 different brands of the same thing. I also just like the idea of not causing too much wear and tear on the earth, it’s resources and it’s people. How much simpler to just get something that someone else has decided to pass on, simpler on the planet, on my pocketbook and on my heart.
With that said, here’s what I found this week at a little thrift shop in Denver. All for $7.53, and two of those bowls are originally from Anthropologie, one of my favorite shops. What a find those beautiful colored bowls are and Iliana couldn’t be more thrilled with them.
We got the keys to our rental yesterday and for those of you wondering how all of this has happened so fast, well…remember when I wrote that I was hoping to get to Colorado before the middle of August when said rental was going to be available? Well, said rental became available earlier than scheduled and so, there you have it and here we are, moving into a new home in Boulder. A new chapter has begun.


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  1. I look forward to reading about your new adventures in Boulder! I really like the sentiment you raise here… simple living. I for one go crrraaazy around whenever we move house with all the stuff (really junk) that we have accumulated in between moves!
    And SCORE on those lil’ bowls! Quite lovely!

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