Keep Calm and Carry On





photo from Barter Books website

So, I’m sure I’m just way behind the times and you’ve all heard about the story behind this poster.  At least you’ve seen this or forms of this poster all around if you shop or go on line much.  It speaks to my last couple years that I’m only now coming to this, years of moving a few times, having a baby, setting up homes, and very little sleep and very little time doing anything involving media.

In the search of items to populate our home…that sounds so funny, but in a sense true.  Actually, we’ve needed real things like furniture, beds, kitchen items, all because we’ve decided to move differently than most I guess.  Instead of hiring movers to just pack it all up, and lacking the time to do that ourselves (since moving from one state to another when they’re as far apart as Illinois to Colorado is extremely time consuming and financially draining), we decided to sell most things from the old house and mostly just start fresh in our new digs.  Now this sounds pretty great on paper, or in our way, over the phone, or maybe it doesn’t sound that great to any of you.  It sounded doable to us a month or so back as we tried to figure it all out and make this move work. And it is working out, just slowly, and not as easily as I’d hope, since taking two children to stores gets pretty tedious and challenging at times.

Last week, I saw a framed copy of this print in a kind of high end Boulder consignment shop.  I thought then that I wasn’t sure I wanted to read these words day in and day out in my own home, but having seen it here and there, at least over the past few days, has proven to be helpful.  This was it’s original intended use, to be a helpful, motivational slogan, when it was first created for the British during World War II (though it was never publicly displayed then).

I thought of this slogan today as I’ve felt my energy kind of draining, the rain coming down, and attempts to furnish this place at a bit of a standstill or worse, having bought a kitchen table that really isn’t working!  All will be well, but it is helpful to remember to “Keep Calm and Carry ON”, especially when I’m frustrated and lacking patience.  So, I might just find a spot for this framed slogan and I might not, but either way, I’ll remember it, and use it when I find myself struggling with all that life has to offer.  It really is true, that if you can keep calm, it’s much easier to carry on.



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  1. Wise thought. We err on the side of Too Much Stuff in our moves so I can’t help but admire your shedding of most things. 🙂

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