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Hey there!  We’ve been in transition around here, all the many transitions that come with moving, growing up, and the end of summer, oh the end of summer.  I feel slightly sad that summer is coming to an end.  It has been chilly here and rainy and I’ve started to think that’s it.  I am reminded though, that here in Colorado, this cool, rainy is never the end.  The sun always comes out and true to form, it will most likely be warm into November.  We are just in a bit of a cold spell.  It’s good, as it reminds us that fall and winter are coming and we best be storing up our food stocks, preparing for the cold, getting our indoors ready so that we may spend time inside in a comfortable way.  With that said, I’ve been continuing in my quest to set up our home, and get it ready. Trying to make it feel like a “home”.  We aren’t there yet, but slowly moving in that direction.

Photos above are from some of our adventures over the last few weeks:  a chance meeting with a garden center employee led us to the Hawthorne Community Gardens in North Boulder.  She gave us her plot number so that we could pick yellow raspberries, smell her chocolate mint, and pick seed heads.  Another chance adventure led us to Naropa, where we came upon a “Transition Shrine” – Dedicated to the members of the Naropa Community in honor of the many transitions we individually and collectively move through in our lives.  A Gaillardia flower and it’s nearby friend going to seed, of which I collected some to plant next year, seen on a walk around the neighborhood.  Lights and drinks from an outdoor wedding we attended in Lyons, Colorado last Friday.  Lastly, us, blurry, one of the few photos we got of the two of us together.  So much else going on that we almost always forget to snap a shot, but I like this one.  Even though it’s funky.  I feel it shows where we are at the moment and I like how the lights have all these lines going up.

I’d like to come to love transitions but I have to say I’m not there yet.  I feel some trepidation, wondering how things will go, a bit of resistance to change.  Yet, when I remind myself about the glory of it all, the possibility in each moment, and the wonder at how a day unfolds in ways I could not have imagined…I feel hopeful, optimistic, and curious.  Curious about how the little things add up to make a day, how the unexpected happens and ends up being just perfect, how amazing and beautiful it all is when I let go, stay mindful, and open my heart.  Ahhh, the heart, where it all lies.




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