“MM l’mmcmfmcmfpkn”, Emerson’s typing in the “Notes” section of my phone.  He keeps looking at what I’m typing here, comparing.  Sunlight is streaming in through the east facing, sliding glass door.  Iliana is still sleeping.  It’s 8:24 am.

We had chocolate cereal for breakfast.  It’s Friday.  It’s healthy, chocolate cereal.  Do you believe me? I had like 4 bowls.  It was on sale.  Emerson filled his bowl to almost overflowing with just milk.  He’d already had two bowls of the cereal.  He practices more restraint (at least when it comes to the cereal I guess, but NOT when it comes to milk…all kinds, hence my need for 4 bowls of cereal.)

Today, we’ll maybe go to the big, library in the middle of town.  It has a much larger section of beginning reader, Berenstain bear books, current favorites.  We’ll try to find anything with a truck, tractor, or train in it, for Emerson.

I’ve totally gotten back into Instagram.  Hashtags!  Totally, old news for some of you (sorry!).  I’ve been so inspired by #creativeexchange, #DMlivingwithkids, #30minutesketch, #handmadestationary, to name a few.  You can now see me on Instagram, I’m instagram@blossomingtwigs, or view photos in the sidebar of my blog (for those of you new to it, click on a photo and it will pop into full screen.  You can only comment though if you’re an instagram user, so become one, it’s fun!).  Other news on the blog, I updated my about me page a couple months ago now (really, that long ago?), so check that out too.  I’m slowly working on redesigning the home page, hence just the title “blossoming twigs” for now.

I just got back from a short break at the “water cooler”, I mean front window.  It’s trash truck and compost truck day here in our neighborhood.  The guy had to get out of the truck to throw in the compost bags, an added bonus, to just the mechanical arm that grabs, lifts and dumps the plastic container with wheels.  Emerson found it pretty cool and imitated the man using his arms to throw the bags in.  Now we’re back to me typing, nursing and pretty soon, needing 4 more bowls of cereal.  Ah, motherhood.

We have spinach growing, it’s almost 2 inches tall.  We also have snap peas that are just breaking ground.  We’ve planted romaine lettuce, carrots, and endive.  I think some of the endive is coming up, but one day I forgot to water, and it was hot.  We may just have one of those.  I think the lettuce will fair better, it’s more protected.

I’m totally at a loss for things to cook for breakfast, so if anyone has any ideas, pleeeease send help, (in the form of the comment section below, please, I beg you).  If I eat one more piece of toast with almond butter I will never eat toast again or almond butter, just chocolate cereal, and that won’t be good for anyone.

It’s now 9:22 am.  Iliana is still sleeping, but surely not for much longer.  My computer power is at 21% (not plugged in).  I MUST bid you all adieu.

Have a glorious weekend.




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  1. Same problem here too! Anyway, almond butter on toast sounds yum! We usually have to change our breakfasts seasonally and have a couple of options – or my kids start to go berserk. No major options, just easy ones depending on what’s in the fridge… smoothies, breakfast burrito, muesli, granola, the usual. This spring we are having a make it yourself rice crispy cereal.

    6 c. brown rice cereal puffs
    3/4 to 1 c. honey (depending on taste)
    3/4 c. organic peanut butter
    5 tbsp. coconut oil
    1 tsp vanilla
    3/4 c raw sunflower seeds
    3/4 c raisins (optional)
    1/2 c crushed raw almonds
    1/2 c coconut
    1/8 cup flax seeds (optional)

    Heat oil, peanut butter, vanilla, and honey on stove top on low until melted together and liquid consistency.  In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients.  Then stir in your melted mixture until all ingredients are coated. When cool, store in a large container.

    Hey I like the new look blog! And yep, you’ve got me onto instagram!! I’ll follow you when I can find my phone! 🙂

    • Girl, you are too much. You are sooooo sweet. Thank you for the breakfast suggestions!!!!! So needed. It’s good to know another mother is dealing with the same breakfast conundrum! It sounds good, I’ll have to try it.
      Glad I’ll get to see you Instagram. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing some photos of those homegrown children of yours! And maybe some of the things you’ve made or done with them??? Some homeschool projects?
      Anyway, talk soon! Thanks soooo much for reading.

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