Iliana on a Bench, June 2011

Try clicking the picture to see it a bit bigger.  It looks a lot better, mostly sharper, with the extra pixels.

Most people like taking pictures of their kids and I am no exception.  For me, it has been great having a subject that not only does not mind having her picture taken but also does not become self conscious when being photographed.  That has started to change now, as is inevitable, but was certainly still true last June when I made this portrait.  She was on the bench for just a handful of seconds and in that time I positioned a stand to my right with a flash pointing though a white lighting umbrella and got a few frames.  I probably followed her around the backyard for a total of half an hour with the flash stand/umbrella contraption, shooting the whole time, and this is the one picture I am really happy with.  Totally worth it!

– Eric


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